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flash love game - a flash game ready to be played

flash love game for easy fun, special for children

Flash Love game is a free open source project, made for having easy fun and easy smile. Made in flash format, lovegame is easy to learn and perfect to make little children happy and smiling. It is also useful to make learn basic keyboard keypress to very young child.
Play and finish the short adventure in the 3 amazing stages with increase love flow, learn to be the heart master catcher and avoid karma seed. The more love the more easy to return to God.

Flash love game is free for all

click here to view the flash love game in a blank page

click here to download the flash love game in zip format

flash love game

flash love game can entertain you and your children with love


flash love game - love games to focus on love - amoregod yoga e kriyayoga per riscoprire il vero se e ritornare ad essere uno con la propria anima e con dio.