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divine accounting

Divine Accounting (how to manage money using divine love)

Everyday accounting reflect our own god related spirituality, if we strive for god and love then we have to become more divine in every aspect of our life, also accounting can be more divine.

here a normal example of monthly accounting

940 € salary 410 € rent apartment
  100 € eating expense
  100 € car expense (insurance and taxes)
  90 € gas, water, electricity
940 € 700 €
free money for the month 260 €  

In this example we can see a normal accounting, which takes consideration of what comes in and out. In the next example we can see a divine accounting that takes consideration of many other aspect of the divine that comes in.

940€ salary (gained by the help of god that maintain well your phisical body, that heal your problems, that gives you creativity, and solutions to all your problems) 410 € rent apartment
----- € is the love that god and angels has for you from the time u were born to make you strong to live and work and to make experience. 100 € eating expense
but how much in euro is this love ??? 100 € car expense (insurance and taxes)
u give the price to this point, a full life making experience and having the opportunity to love all and get in peace with all, to have vacation, to work, to have fun, to love. maybe INFINITE 90 € gas, water, electricity
  sharing love for poors and person in need 260 €
  your best love for all !!!!!!
940€ + infinite LOVE 940 € + your best love for all

DIVINE BALANCE is important for all that want to become love, and definitely shows our real want to improove our love for all.
Giving 100% of my being for love and god is what i strive for ! helping and loving is the way to becoming adult child of god and to return back home.

i love you

love is all i want to be !

divine accounting is the way to proof your love to god and all !

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