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how to reorient our life in love

is your life mess with problems of any kind, war against someone, or even better fears and rejections against part of god creation ?

if yes then u can find a pratical solution to your problems...
if no then u can find a new way to improove your life wth the power of love...

maybe is time to reorient our life into love...

Every problem, every war against someone is the direct result of our actions, any actions out of love can have an immediate result as a direct application of the law of karma. Every thing is going wrong in our life is our sole responsibility.
Learn to love can free our life, can help us to prevent any kind of karma, so can prevent painful experiences in life.
If we love, than our love can be our guardian angel for every actions or activity we do here on earth.
Love is something to do 7 days a week, 24h/24h, so is a continue practicing and improoving, it's a lifestyle.
Love is a full time job that can easily fit in the life of everyone of us.

But how to start if our life is a mess ?

First of all, u have to really want to go out of the mess. then when u have cleared this point, u have to stop any kind of fightings, verbal, phisical, mental. Fighting everyday is very bad for our energy system, leading to very close state of being. So it's time to love, to get in peace with the one we fight, it's time to give freedom, time to ask for forgiveness.
Fighting can be extremely dangerous for our health, Love is the source of all happiness.

Then we have to see the environment that we live in, if it is full of fightings, we need to avoid and to move to a new peaceful one for our benefit to help us to change.
Starting to clean our life of the "bad things", means that we are ready to do what is need with decision and full power.
Get in peace with all is a secure way to be happy for the remainder of eternity.
Give love to those u denied love, accept love from those u have always keep distance, and learn to GIVE GIVE GIVE without expecting nothing by others, giving love to compensate all the love that God had for you until now. Maybe u can see some people that are full in distress to understand how "lucky" we have been. Then u can smile and being happy.

In the same time u have to ask yourself about your fears ! have fear to be stolen by your possession, fear to swim in the water, fear of dogs. why we have fears ?
U have to know that every fear we have is attracted by us !! any energies that is feared by you will bounce to you soon or later depends on how strong is the fear.
So you need to get in peace with that fears, by loving more, and by asking god to help you by facing your fear and to dissolve in love. Dissolving in love fears need true opening for god, absorbing the energy of the fear u have inside your aura and allow god to dissolve it by sending through your sahasrara chakra, the chakra situated on the top of your head. U can do it facing the object of fear or rejection with all the power of your love.

how to dissolve in love fears ... flash 10 kb

Also rejection is leading to fear , so u need to check for what you reject and focus on love every time u start to reject something.
Every thing in creation is made by God so every fear and rejection is a part of God creation worth to be loved, learn to love all is a good way to return soon an angel of love in God.
Love of course is the way to solve any and all problems.

When we start to really be open for love everyday, practicing love, we are in the safe way. Refining our love day by day soon we will immerse in an ocean of love created by us and for the happiness and benefit of all.

i love you


dissolve fightings and be ready to love flash 10 kb


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