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tiramisu - tiramisu recipe - how to make tiramisu - a complete online documentation how to prepare tiramisu

tiramisu recipe - how to make tiramisu step 1 - story and ingredients

Tiramisu is one of the best cake you can eat on this planet, the recipe is originally from italy (treviso) Tiramisu is one of the most famous dessert in all the world.

Preparation of tiramisu is relatively simple if all ingredients is present.

Now we consider ingredients to prepare tiramisu for 4 hungry persons (use your intuition, i never feel comfortable with ingredients quantities because i always do what i feel to do in relation of what i want to do and for who i have to do, so just open for god and u will know all exactly to fullfill every desire of your potential guests) so take this quantities just for an easy reference but remember that you with your love are making the tiramisu recipe a delicious dessert.

Ingredients we need: 2 eggs, 3 spoon of sugar for each egg, 250 grams of mascarpone (mascarpone is a very rich italian cheese concentrated from milk cream, with a fat content up to 75%. It has a very smooth, creamy and sweet texture), cookies (ladyfinger cookies, or normal cookies) in this case i prepared with normal cookies, coffe, some cocoa powder and quality chocolate for decoration.

tiramisu recipe - all ingredients ready to be used - eggs - mascarpone - cookies - sugar - coffee and italian style moka

tiramisu recipe - how to make tiramisu step 2 - cream preparation

So here we go, let's start by open the 2 eggs and divide the red (yalks) from the white, and put in separate bowl. Start to beat the yalks in the bowl adding 3 spoon of sugar for each yalk and rolling... roll until the cream tickens and become more white.


tiramisu recipe - divide the red from the white


tiramisu recipe - add sugar


tiramisu recipe - start to beat


tiramisu recipe - beat until the cream tickens

tiramisu recipe - how to make tiramisu step 3 - cream composition

Then put the white in other bowl and start to beat until becomes like snow ( i did by hand but after a while u will feel some discomfort ;-))) so u can do also with electric stuff)


tiramisu recipe - all ready, tick cream, white like snow and hot coffe

After, start to add the mascarpone spoon by spoon in the red cream and rolling.... until all becomes very well mixed and all mascarpone finished.


tiramisu recipe - add mascarpone chees spoon by spoon and beat

here u can add some little pieces of good quality chocolate in the cream and some spoon of espresso coffee


tiramisu recipe - add some chocolate in little pieces


tiramisu recipe - Add the white snow spoon by spoon in the new mascarpone cream and beat untill all is mix well.


tiramisu recipe - spoon by spoon add the white in the cream and beat

tiramisu recipe - how to make tiramisu step 4 - cake assembling

So start to prepare the coffe, italian espresso coffee is adviced with italian moka, and put in another recipient,bowl.

so let's start to assembly the cake, lightly soak the cookies in the coffee one by one and start to place them in one layer in a container 28cm x 18cm can be good and at least 4 cm deep.


tiramisu recipe - soak the cookie in the coffee


after the first layer of cookies , start to distribute the cream to make a cream layer

repeat the step with a second layer and a third layer... (if u use ladyfingers cookies is adviced to do 2 layers) and top with the rest of the cream.

after sprinkle with the cocoa powder and refrigerate for about 5 hours.



tiramisu recipe - sprinkle with cocoa powder

tiramisu recipe - decorate as u like, i did with chocolate in heart shape ;-) and tiramisu is ready for christmas !


tiramisu recipe - heart decoration


tiramisu recipe - a heart to say love you to the potential guests


tiramisu recipe - christmas tiramisu

the tiramisu was delicious !!! and as you see the tiramisu recipe is very easy

tricks for tropical country or hot region where salmonella is frequent (i had taken salmonella from a tiramisu so i know exactly what it means and how powerful can be)

In order to love Salmonella you must raise the yolk temperature to 59oC. The yolk will not coagulate until it reaches a temperature of 62oC.g. so you can beat the yalk in a heat proof bowl until fluffy just below boiling point, when small bubbles appears.

tiramisu recipe - online documentation - how to prepare tiramisu - ricetta tiramisu - amoregod yoga e kriyayoga per riscoprire il vero se e ritornare ad essere uno con la propria anima e con dio.